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Beth Jaeger-Skigen is frequently interviewed for for Magazines, Newspapers, Radio and TV.  She has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Resolve:The National Infertility Newsletter, Hitched Mag,, Fertility IQ, San Jose Times, Golden Gate Mother's Group, Open to Hope: Grief Relief Television and The Mercury News amongst others.




Stanford, Women's Health: (2006) Advanced Infertility Treatments: Served on a panel with  Reproductive Endocrinologists on the various aspects of infertility treatments


Open to Hope: Grief Relief Television: (2013) Was the featured psychotherapist on this television show on IVF and Grief


Resolve: The National Infertility Organization:


Podcast: (2010) At the CrossRoads: Which Way Do We Go?

Podcast: (2011) Infertility and Grief

Podcast: (2012) Facing Infertility as a Cancer Survivor: Co-presented with Dr. Caroline Givens


Laurel Fertility Center (2012) Psychological Aspects of Fertility Preservation


CPMC: California Pacific Medical Center: BRCA Connections:(2010-2013) Managing Anxiety During Screenings


Acupuncture Kitchen: 


Webinar: (2011) Grieving and Growing: Part 1 and 2

Webinar: (2012) Regaining Intimacy: Relationship Challenges and Solutions During Fertility Challenged Times


Mercury News: Live Chat (2012) Married Without Children


John Muir Health Center: Cancer Institute: (2012) Psychological Issues of carrying the BRCA mutation


Institute for Advancement of Psychotherapy: Couple's Institute (2012) Babyproofing your Relationship


California Association of School Social Workers & California NASW School Social Work Council (2008) How to Facilitate a Successful Internship Program


San Francisco Unified School District (2001-2012)


Clinical Supervision: Taught CEU course for Clinical Supervisors in SFUSD

Deesaclation: Training for administrators and staff of SFUSD

Play Therapy: Training for interns and therapists in training

Group Therapy: Training for interns and therapists in training

Law and Ethics: Training for interns and therapists in training 

Intake and Assessment: Training for interns and therapists in training

Transitions and Termination


How to Lead Support Groups for Children Affected by Divorce

Working with Children of Different Abilities

How to Collaborate with Parents

Suicide Assessment


Henry Ohloff House (2000) Addiction and it's Effect on Families








Even in the most loving relationships, unhealthy patterns of behavior may emerge during infertility. One or both partners are often depressed, and they can move in a downward spiral toward isolation and despair.

Couples say they feel socially isolated and the pressure to conceive inevitably affects the partnership. One partner can blame the other, sex becomes mechanical and communication can break down.

Despite these difficult circumstances, there are concrete things that can be done to help relationships flourish. In this webinar, Beth Jaeger-Skigen will assist you gently some advice and guidance to regain intimacy during infertility.

Regaining Intimacy: relationship challenges and solutions during fertility challenged times

I have developed a two-part 30 minute support session to address the despair that often accompanies the struggle to fulfill one’s most natural biological desire – having a child.
This webinar will take you on a practical journey through exploring loss and hope to help you navigate how to relate to yourself, friends, family and co-workers during this challenging and delicate time. I address the grief, isolation, despair, lows and highs that infertility often brings.

This two-part lecture provides you some tools to assist with regeneration of positive feelings and hope. 



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