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Infertility Support Groups

I run a variety of infertility groups and workshops including women only groups, groups for couples, secondary infertility groups, donor egg groups, recurrent pregnancy loss, pregnancy after infertility/loss, and mind-body infertility workshops. Please call me at 415-317-4893 to find out when the next group is scheduled.


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General Infertility Support Group:

Next group starting  February 12, 2019: 6:30 PM

Space limited:email to secure your space


Today Show discusses benefits of Infertility Support Groups

Is a Support Group Right For Me?

A support group can be most beneficial at certain points of the infertility experience:

  • When faced with making a difficult decision
  • When embarking on new parenting options
  • When dealing with a major loss

If any of the following statements apply to you, consider joining a RESOLVE support group:

  • I'm feeling lonely and isolated
  • I have very few people to talk with about my infertility. No one understands
  • Everyone I know is pregnant or has children
  • My partner is the only one I have who provides emotional support
  • Infertility is affecting my work and career
  • I feel that my life plan is out of control. I'm having trouble navigating through my medical treatment options
  • I can't decide when "enough is enough" 
  • Holidays and coping with family and friends is becoming more and more difficult.

Myths and Facts
You may hesitate to join a support group because of some assumptions about what happens at the group. Consider these myths and facts:

Myth: Being in a RESOLVE support group is like going to therapy.
Fact: A support group is not designed to offer professional counseling or psychological therapy. It is, however, therapeutic to talk with others about an intense experience like infertility.

Myth: I'll have to bare my soul and talk about the most private areas of my life.
Fact: It is up to you to decide how much information and emotion to share with the group. You remain in control.

Myth: Joining a support group of infertile women or couples will just make me feel worse.
Fact: You will receive support for your pain and disappointment and will also learn new methods of coping that can help you move forward.

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